In the late '30s, Mr. Berto Guarducci, foreman of Officine Galileo, began to work with a surgeon who was looking for someone able to adapt and repair some instruments. Thanks to the passion for his work, his incredible dexterity and great intuition, Mr. Guarducci shortly began to receive numerous special requests by surgeons of the time.

Precision, creativity and uniqueness of the product became the leitmotif of the small production of Berto Guarducci, whose general recognition grew so relevant to be purchased, at the beginning of the 70s, by Olinto Martelli Srl. Since then, The Genius and the eccentricity of Guarducci workshop are perfectly blended with the expertise and commercial experience of Olinto Martelli, transforming "the craftsman" in a brand of international prestige and an important point of reference for all those working in the sector.

In the last decades Olinto Martelli Srl pointed on the research, development and production of technologically advanced instruments, managing processes in compliance with UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 e UNI EN ISO 13485: 2012 standards, for which nowadays, after over 75 years from its foundation, the Berto Guarducci brand still satisfys the costumer in all its needs, guarantees excellent product quality and reliable service for all maintenance and repairing processes.